Virtual Tour – Milverton

Originally operated for many years by the McMane Family, our Milverton Chapel was located at 9 Pacific Avenue. Mark Jutzi purchased this funeral home from Wayne Huebner in 1980, changing the name to Mark Jutzi Funeral Home. In 1998, after operating at 9 Pacific Avenue for 18 years, a brand new facility was built just a stone’s throw away on 7 Spencer Street. Our current facility has two main visitation rooms that double as space for our chapel that seats 150 to 200 people, and a separate reception facility.


Our funeral home is bright with lots of natural sunlight with light neutral colours and is on one level making it easy to get in and out. We also have a large parking area.


This is our arrangement office and business office, where we also have a display of urns for cremation.



Our visitation room can be used for one large visitation, or may be separated into two rooms to accommodate two visitations.


Our two rooms double as our chapel for funeral or memorial services. We can seat 125 people comfortably.


The foyer is large enough to accommodate many people while waiting for a visitation or service. We are fully wheel chair accessible.


The lounge is available for post funeral receptions and also for our families to use during visitations and for meal times in between visitations. The lounge can accommodate 65 people comfortably and we have the ability to expand our area for post funeral receptions.


We offer a full range of caskets and cremation containers.