Staff & Professional

We provide professional, compassionate consultation with the family including supervision and facilitation of all arrangements pertaining to the those services chosen by the family. This may include assistance in producing a suitable notification of the death for use in the media. Assisting in organizing meaningful visitation times and personalized funeral or memorial services. Interaction with those people or groups who also take part in the funeral process (ie church families, fraternal societies , clergy, clubs, volunteer groups). Coordinating the necessary duties at the church, cemetery, or crematorium in accordance with the family’s wishes. This facilitation occurs before the funeral (during arrangements), during the visitation and funeral time ( depending on the services selected by the family) and after the funeral period. It is our goal to carry out the families wishes with accuracy, dignity, and compassion. We are committed to caring thorough service that does not end after the funeral or memorial service is completed.

Staff and Assistants This service includes, but is not limited to, staff during visitation, receiving and placing of floral tributes, co-ordination of donations and other duties associated with rites and services during visitation. This service may also include staff assistance during the funeral service, cleaning and maintenance of premises and grounds, clerical and accounting staff, receptionists, parking lot attendants, 24 hour telephone coverage, etc.

In addition to visitation and funeral services, staff are required to deliver and set up any equipment and supplies necessary for a memorial service, regardless of where it is being held, as well as assist with seating and taking donations at a memorial service.

Preperation and Embalming

Embalming is the complete disinfection, preservation and restoration of the deceased human body. Embalming is valuable in that it protects public health and allows time for the family to complete the funeralization process of their choice. Although not a legal requirement in Ontario, it is strongly recommended because it controls adverse changes from taking place as the body changes after death. Embalming also includes dressing, any required cosmetics or hair care and placing the body in the casket/container of choice. In the absence of embalming, the funeral home will not be held responsible for adverse changes that take place in the body. These charges reflect both the licensed technician’s skill and time invested in the embalming of the deceased as well as for all supplies required. Some families choose Posing of the Features and Dressing of the Remains as an alternative to embalming. If this option is chosen, the funeral home is not responsible for adverse changes in the body that may occur during visitation or funeral services.



This includes the use of the funeral home facilities and equipment such as the room for visitation, religious accessories if required, use of parking facilities, coffee lounge, utilities, maintenance of building and furnishings along with general operating expenses.(Including Taxes, insurance, etc.) Also included is all of the equipment (chairs, tables, flower stands, picture boards, easels etc) that is available for use and is transportable if required out of the funeral home. We invite families to bring any articles of remembrance for visitation and service periods. We also have a DVD/CD player and large television available for use on our premises during visitation or services.

Use of Chapel

Including the use of the chapel for a service/ceremony, use of sound equipment, audio/visual equipment and organ.

Church Set Up ( Day of Funeral Service)

When visitation or ceremony is held away from the funeral home there is a greater staff and time commitment necessary. The credit for not using our chapel is used to offset additional personnel, transportation cost and equipment cost arising from the function being away from our facility.

For Embalming/Shelter of the Remains

Includes the use of a room specifically monitored by the Department of Health and Board of Funeral Services for the purpose of sheltering the remains between the time of transfer from the place of death to the families choice of disposition as well as the use of necessary specialized equipment for the professional or sanitary care of the remains.

Automotive Requirements

Transportation Needs – We make a variety of vehicles available to assist families in the specific arrangements they have chosen.The prices shown on our contract are for the use of the vehicles for a single occasion. All transportation charges are for a local radius of 40 km. and take into consideration fuel, insurance and maintenance of listed vehicles.

  1. Funeral Coach/Hearse – A specialized vehicle to transport the deceased to the cemetery or crematorium which may also be used for transport to a church or residence.
  2. Utility Vehicle – This vehicle may be used as a clergy\lead car for the transportation of clergy to the funeral home or place of funeral service, leading the funeral procession to the final place of disposition, transporting floral tributes to the cemetery or other destinations. This vehicle is also used as a general duties vehicle to among other things insure that all the legally required documentation has been procured for the day of the funeral service. In the case of a memorial service this vehicle transports the staff and any required equipment to the location of the service and also can be used to deliver flowers.

(* At the families request we will rent limousines for family and/or pallbearers)


This includes the transfer of the deceased from the place of death to our funeral home using our transfer vehicle as well as an enclosed stretcher. Mileage will be charged for any transfer greater than a 40 km radius of the funeral home. Our transfer vehicle may also be may also be required for transfer to cemetery or crematorium if the funeral coach is not be used.


This includes obtaining the necessary information to complete the documentation legally required in connection with the disposition and/or transportation of the remains. These charges do not include other professional fees which may be charged by a Coroner, Department of Health, Government Consulates or Registration and Regulatory fees. The funeral home will issue an unlimited number of “Funeral Director Proof’s of Death” to the family for estate purposes.

Stationery Needs

Includes register book, acknowledgement cards, donation cards and envelopes. We have a number of register book choices available. An unlimited number of acknowledgement cards are available to our families to suit their needs. We also offer in memorium cards, bookmarks and service bulletins as well as lamination services to preserve keepsake documents.