What is Pre-Arranging or Pre-Planning?

These terms both describe the act of making plans before a death occurs. They may be minimal, such as communicating a few wishes that you would like to have carried out. They may be more extensive stipulating the various details of a service and including pre-payment of all or a portion of the expenses. Pre-planning never goes farther than you wish it to!

What is the value of Pre-Arranging your wishes?

Pre-arrangements help to clearly communicate your wishes to loved ones and/or executors. They create a plan for loved ones to follow and cause the subject to be discussed in the family unit before the time of need. Good pre-arrangements alleviate some of the hard decisions for your family but also leave flexibility to suit the family needs and any unforseen circumstances.

Getting Started – How do I pre-arrange a funeral?

  1. Make an Appointment The most critical step is to call and make an appointment at the funeral home. While many people discuss for years the idea of pre-planning their funeral few actually make the call and initiate the process.
  2. Involve your family and/or executors Because funeral planning is supposed to meet the needs of the living while respecting the wishes of the deceased, it is also important to involve your family and /or executors in this process. Remember that executors will have complete legal authority after your death. As a result they must understand your wishes and be aware of any prearranging you have done.
  3. Be Flexible! Remember to keep flexibility in mind when pre-arranging your funeral. Although it is critical to make your wishes known, it is equally important to leave flexibility for your family and/or executors. We cannot anticipate much about death other than that it will happen. Good pre-arrangements communicate your wishes while leaving flexibility for the family in case circumstances change.

*more information is available on pre-arranging your funeral. Please contact us for our pre-arrangement booklet entitled “Have You Considered All The Options? Helpful Information on Pre-Arranged Wishes”. You can also receive a current price list and a family information sheet that can be filled out. Also contact us to set up an appointment to consider these topics further.